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Rick Springfield Display Featured in Art Gods DVD

February 6, 2016/by WLRS Admin

Rocket Science CD Signings with Rick Springfield

February 3, 2016/by WLRS Admin

New Stuff!

January 12, 2016/by WLRS Admin

12 Days of RICKmas Freebies!

December 19, 2015/by WLRS Admin

They’re Women Like That!

December 13, 2015/by WLRS Admin

Countdown to 2016! The Year of the Human Touch!

November 27, 2015/by WLRS Admin

Ricki and the Flash DVD Release November 24, 2015

September 28, 2015/by WLRS Admin

My Rick Springfield Crush Revival

Visit Leisah's Blog: My Rick Springfield Crush Revival It’s…
July 12, 2015/by WLRS Admin

Katie Sheppard

On January 18th of 2014, I saw my favorite rockstar, Rick Springfield,…
July 5, 2015/by WLRS Admin

Ricki and The Flash – An Update

The OFFICIAL trailer for Ricki and the Flash is HERE!!! Check…
May 6, 2015/by WLRS Admin

Rick Springfield Stripped Down on Yahoo Live!

In case you missed it, Rick performed tonight at the House of…
February 25, 2015/by WLRS Admin

Ricki and the Flash

Rick fans are chomping at the bit for any info about this movie.…
December 19, 2014/by WLRS Admin

12 Days of RICKmas – FREE Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Merry RICKmas! Download your FREE Facebook Timeline Cover Photo…
December 16, 2014/by WLRS Admin

12 Days of RICKmas – FREE Downloadable 2015 Calendar

  Thank you for supporting the We Love Rick Springfield…
December 12, 2014/by WLRS Admin

The 12 Days of RICKmas – DAY 3 – FREE Desktop Wallpaper!

We're celebrating for 12 days straight and our Day 3 Give…
December 10, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Rick Heading Back to Silver Screen!

The Hollywood Reporter announced today (8/6/14) that Rick…
August 6, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Happy Birthday Rick!!

Do you have a birthday greeting for Rick? There are THREE…
August 2, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Rick to Headline “Rock for Ruben” Benefit Concert & Fundraiser

Ruben Velasco is Rick Springfield's guitar tech. He was recently…
July 24, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Recapping the Walk of Fame Ceremony

It would be an understatement to say that Rick Springfield receiving…
May 13, 2014/by WLRS Admin

It’s Star Wars Day!

[gdlr_video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ROl4LuyNQM"…
May 4, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Rick Springfield Week Schedule

It's finally here! The big week that we've all been waiting for!…
May 2, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Releases Info on Star Ceremony

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has made the announcement of Rick's…
April 30, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Submit Your Congratulations to Rick!

[gdlr_video url="https://vimeo.com/92689231" ] You can check…
April 26, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Rick Finally Sets Tour Dates for Australia!

[gdlr_video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahKKYY_Mv48"…
April 24, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Rick Springfield Announces Summer Tour with Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo

March 3, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Magnificent Vibration

The low down: Magnificent Vibration is Rick Springfield's…
February 21, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Sue Fajen

I know this is a long story, but it is so very special to me, …
February 11, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Rick to Appear on Oprah’s OWN Network’s “Where Are They Now?”

First Look: The Real Woman Behind the Rick Springfield Song "Jessie's…
February 5, 2014/by WLRS Admin

We LOVE Dave Grohl!

We love us some Dave Grohl! And we know that Dave Grohl loves…
February 4, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Missy Evans

My story begins in 1981 when a cousin of mine called me up…
January 4, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Happy New Year Giveaway!

I must be out of my mind! Am I actually giving away stuff from…
December 29, 2013/by WLRS Admin


Those last days before Christmas are winding down. If you haven't…
December 19, 2013/by WLRS Admin

Doreen Harkema

I've been a Rick Springfield fan since the teenage years. Listening…
December 12, 2013/by WLRS Admin

I went on vacation with Rick Springfield

From November 13-18, 2013, I traveled  to and vacationed at…
December 3, 2013/by WLRS Admin

The Man that Never Was

WLRS had the awesome experience of being in the audience of the…
September 27, 2013/by WLRS Admin

“Stripped Down” Performances Announced

  JUST ANNOUNCED: Rick Springfield "Stripped Down" - An…
September 3, 2013/by WLRS Admin

Drew Six Covers “What Kind of Fool Am I?”

Country recording artist, Drew Six debuted his latest single…
August 28, 2013/by WLRS Admin

Happy Birthday Rick Springfield! Join Us August 23rd!

Did you miss the LIVE Tweet Chat? All the chatter is archived…
August 15, 2013/by WLRS Admin

RickSpringfield.com Launches New Website!

As of TODAY, the OFFICIAL RICK SPRINGFIELD website is sporting…
August 12, 2013/by WLRS Admin

Fans Down Under Celebrate a Reunion – ZOOT LIVE on DVD!

If you were on the final Rick Springfield & Friends cruise…
August 9, 2013/by WLRS Admin