I was an IGE Girl – A Special Memory from JoAnn Camporeale

Rick & JoAnn - 2010 Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise

By now you must know about the Rick Springfield Documentary – An Affair of the Heart: The Journey of Rick Springfield & His Devoted Fans. So whether you’ve seen the film already or have watched the teasers and trailers countless times, you have for sure seen footage of uber-Rick Springfield fan JoAnn Camporeale and Rick Springfield dueting during I Get Excited. Heck. I GET EXCITED just thinking that she got to do that with the man! I think many of us have and will vicariously live through her each time we watch that moment on film.

I’ve been corresponding with JoAnn recently and she has given permission for me to not only share the image of that moment she shared with Rick on stage but she has also shared with us – Rick’s Fans – a personally penned poem that was inspired by her experience with Rick.

Of this poem, JoAnn states, “I don’t claim to be a writer nor a poet, but after my IGE experience I was compelled to write. It didn’t take long since I was moved by something inside of me. Well here it is….after I wrote it I read it and said..wait…. what is this about???? hahahaha It is really personal and I am a little nervous but I guess I am already out there. It was what I truly felt right after and a night I will never forget.”

Thank you, JoAnn for taking us on the ride with you!

JoAnn Camporeale gets some IGE action with Rick! Photo by Rosie Malthaner

The IGE Experience – JoAnn Camporeale

When there’s a dream and the passion is strong
I have watched from afar, I have waited so long

All that I do seems to fall into place
All that I want is a glimpse of his face

Caught in the moment my heart starts to pound
Though there are crowds I don’t hear a sound

To mumble a word takes all of my voice
Was I the one? Was I his choice?

I try to hang on, deep breaths I keep taking
But I know he can feel my trembling and shaking

Nervous at first but it calms as we start
His arms and his breath relaxes my heart

His body so close, his fingers move fast
Please don’t let it end, I want it to last

I stop for a moment to look in his eyes
I see in his soul, he can’t hide though he tries

It comes to an end with a hug and a kiss
I know that forever, this time I will miss

Although we must part and go separate ways
There’s a place in my dreams where we spend all our days

To read more about JoAnn’s experience on the Yellow Rick Road, check out her featured fan column on the Affair of the Heart website!

Watch the extended teaser video of An Affair of the Heart on the documentary website and stop in to Shop ‘Til You Drop to pre-order your copy of the DVD. You will be one of the first to receive it when it’s released!

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