Living in Oz – JoAnn Camporeale

photo by Kris Fluck (c) 2011

written by: JoAnn Camporeale

I found myself lost in this magical place,
I was young and so innocent, no worries to face.

There were times that I felt I was wrapped in a storm,
But was “Carried Away” by the words to this song.

As I grew older I would visit this world,
I would sing and would dance, oh to be Jessie’s Girl.

Each time I would visit the more I would stay,
Caught in the magic, I could be there all day.

More time would pass, was it here I belong?
I was Living in Oz, it felt right and not wrong.

It drew me in deep with it’s beauty, so pretty,
I wanted to stay in the bright Emerald City.

Then it went dark, all the lights faded fast,
Was I Living in Oz with no future or past?

I knew in my heart it was time to go back,
Though I loved it in Oz, but something it lacked.

I woke up and found I was where I should be
Was it for real, or just pure fantasy?

I miss the Great Oz….again will we meet?
What helps me hold on are the shoes on my feet.

I love my life, simple all black and white,
But I’m drawn by the rainbow of colors so bright.

So next time I am taken by the wind I won’t roam.
I know in my heart there is no place like home.

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