Fan Art: ‘Twas the Night of the Rick Concert by Kelly Umana


By Kelly Umana

Twas the night of the Rick concert

As I stood in my house

I shook with excitement and couldn’t control myself

My backpack was packed with oh such care

And I hoped I had packed everything, I would need there

With the words of I Get Excited in my head I did bed

Because getting chosen and forgetting the words I did dread

My camera all ready to pull out in a snap

And my hands were all warmed up and ready to clap

Then out to my car, my keys made a clatter

Getting there to see Rick was all that had mattered

Away to the venue, my car made a dash

And to the front row I flew in a flash

The crowd was excit4ed and ready to go

The music began, it was time for the show

Then all of a sudden the band began to appear

Then out came our Rick to the stage from the rear.

With pants that were silver, he looked really slick

It was like a dram just to be there, rocking with Rick.

The moment I waited for finally came

And he pointed to me, cause he didn’t know my name.,

Under his guitar, my place I was fixin

you can imagine by now that I was skitzin

Behind that guitar I was having a ball

I was nervous about the words, but remembered them all

The song was all over, I thought I would die

I felt like a cloud high up in the sky

So back to my seat, from this moment I knew

I would never forget my time under his guitar that was blue

Rick was real happy and really a goof

The excitement intensified from the floor to the roof.

As I lifted my head and was turning around

Out to the crowd Rick came in a bound

He was covered in sweat from his head to his foot

I jumped in the air to get a good look

With a crowd of women hung on his back

Security was having trouble controlling this pack

His eyes how they twinkled!  His dimples how merry!

Then he smashed another rose the color of a cherry

I couldn’t believe what an incredible show

And I dreaded the moment that I’d have to go.

The stem of a rose he held tight in his teeth

And the women, they screamed at his feet down beneath

He had a beautiful face and not one ounce of belly

He was covered in sweat, but was not a bit smelly

I was having a great time enjoying myself

Thinking, Rick in my life is the greatest of wealth

With a wink in his eye and a twist of his head

Soon came the moment, I knew I would dread

He spoke his last word, he was now done with his work

He pushed up his selves and ripped off his shirt

Now it was time for the curtain to close

And giving a nod, she smashed one final rose

He sprang off the stage and the crowd gave a whistle

Roger threw out his drumstick that flew like a missile

And I stood and I watched till he was out of my sight

Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a more excellent night!

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