Love Some Bunny by Sharon Burford


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With one of Rick’s latest Facebook status updates as her inspiration, Sharon Burford has created another masterpiece. To truly appreciate the brilliance of this artwork, you should read his entry for context… It reads:

I just saw the weirdest thing in the Munich hotel lobby. A group of (Vietnamese I think) uniformed guys rush in to the hotel bowing before this one guy with lots of medals pinned to his uniform. They’re literally bowing to this guy as he gets in the elevator with me and he hands his hat to this other guy bowing and holding a small pedestal that he sets his hat on like it’s a holy relic. And then they all bow as we go up in the elevator with two guards standing at serious attention. But the weirdest thing is he’s holding a floppy kids teddy bear/rabbit thing in his arms. Really, I had to check to make sure there weren’t any ‘punked’ or ‘candid camera’ cameras around. And they were all so serious. THEN I’m sitting at the bar in the lobby and he comes down and he’s still got the floppy teddy bear/rabbit thing in his arms and they all bow again and hand him his hat on the pedestal thingee and all get into black SUVs and roar away. Crazy!

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