They’re Women Like That!

What an experience!! I have secretly loved Rick Springfield and his music for way too many years to count (I am very old), so when I had the opportunity to see him live, I was thrilled beyond belief!

On November 21, 2015 I had a “once in my life time” chance to see Rick in Sheboygan, WI. It was everything I hoped for, but even more than that, were the memories of that special night I will hold dear for the rest of my life.

See, I had 8 special friends that made that night happen for me. They secretly devised a complicated plan of getting us all to Sheboygan (IN A LIMO!!!), having a great dinner, and then spending the rest of the evening listening to Rick and his music.  Even more than that, they created and produced 6 matching T-shirts (3 of my 8 friends couldn’t make the trip but were there in spirit) that declared we were all “WOMEN LIKE THAT”!!!! And, boy, were we!

I would have been more than content with that over-the-top night, good friends, good music, and good champagne. But there was even more in store for me…

After the concert, I had a chance to meet Rick Springfield and get my picture taken with him!! I never ever thought that would have been a possibility, but my friends made this dream come true, too. One other special surprise happened when Rick threw his guitar pick into the audience during the show and a lady caught it. Later, she heard about our group’s “mission” and she decided to give the pick to me! What a generous gift!

I am very fortunate to have had this special night. My friends know that I have been battling cancer for the last few years and wanted me to have this experience that nothing else would match. How blessed I am that these 8 special friends decided to make this happen.

Now, I wish I could tell you that when Rick and I were getting our picture taken I had something intelligent to say…but unfortunately I was as tongue-tied as any teenager and said something like, “thank you, sir”!!! Where did that come from??? I guess all I can say is I was under a Rick Springfield spell and lost my brain power and my ability to put a few witty words together!

Hopefully Rick didn’t think I was too goofy, but gosh he was cute!!!

Thank you Tiffany, Diana, Dawn, Diane, Karen, Cherie, Lory and Deb for the best night imaginable!!! It really makes a difference when you have “WOMEN LIKE THAT” in your corner!

by Terry Talbot

Diana Hon-Hying, Tiffany Powers, Deb Schuler, Dawn Coenen, Rick of course, Terry Talbot, & Diane Thiel