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Hello. I’m Kris. Nice to meetcha…I know what you’re thinking…Wait. Wut? ANOTHER Rick Springfield fan site?

Okay, first… I am a 30+ year Rick Springfield fan.

Second, I have been a website/graphics designer since 1995. I was taking a look around online one day in late 2011 after I returned home from the Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise and I was looking at the different websites out there and I had this thought. I design web pages for a living. I have worked in the entertainment business in some capacity ever since I started designing sites. WHAT KIND OF FAN AM I?!

Third, and this just explains EVERYTHING…I just can’t help myself… 🙂

I LOVE RICK SPRINGFIELD! If you’re here, then, you must love him too!


So, what’s the deal, right? There are lots of Rick sites out there. Yes. Very true. There are some GREAT fan sites out there with LOTS of Rick all over them. The point of THIS site is to give Rick Springfield fans a place to go to share their pictures and stories. It’s supposed to be more interactive, hence pages like Written in Rock where fans can share THEIR Rick Springfield stories and all the amazing Rick Springfield Photo Galleries that are fan submitted. So, it’s intended to become a Rick Springfield Portal. I am not looking to replace anyone’s site or to be the only place you can turn to for Rick stuff. I have had the pleasure of meeting many Rick fans and I would say that the majority have been wonderful – so giving, so in awe of our favorite rock star and so willing to share the love. So you may not find EVERYTHING you want to find about Rick Springfield here but I’ll help try to point you in the right direction! 🙂

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Just fill out the form below to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by!

P.S. If you want to know just who I am, just visit my blog at Krisfluck.com

Kris & Rick in 2014

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