Rick Springfield Fans Got Talent!

Fans of Rick Springfield have some serious talent! Check out the different images, artwork, stories and more submitted by fans just like you. Do you have a piece of Rick Art that you’ve created? We’d love to see it! Email us using the format the bottom of the page and tell us more about your artwork!

What Was Lost is Now Found!

March 11, 2016/by WLRS Admin

Rick-Inspired Artwork by Sue Fajen

Rick fan, Sue Fajen just shared her Rick-inspired Artwork! These…
February 12, 2014/by WLRS Admin

Love Some Bunny by Sharon Burford

With one of Rick's latest Facebook status updates as her…
June 3, 2013/by WLRS Admin

May the 4th Be With You 2013

I am running behind with a couple updates. This was this…
June 3, 2013/by WLRS Admin

Songs for the End of the World Album Art with a TWIST!

Sharon Burford is back with more kick ass art! Sharon is a very…
April 6, 2013/by WLRS Admin


by Ginger Chouinard LATE LATE at NIGHT before RICKmas,…
December 18, 2012/by WLRS Admin

May the Fourth Be With You!

In a little over 30 minutes, Rick will take the stage in Verona,…
May 4, 2012/by WLRS Admin

Fan Art: Rick Drawing from the 12 Year Old Son of Long Time Rick Fan, Teresa

What Teresa has to say about the drawing: "My husband and son…
February 28, 2012/by WLRS Admin

Fan Art: ‘Twas the Night of the Rick Concert by Kelly Umana

February 28, 2012/by WLRS Admin

Living in Oz – JoAnn Camporeale

written by: JoAnn Camporeale I found myself lost in this magical…
February 23, 2012/by WLRS Admin

Fan Art Caricature from Sharon Burford

Our latest submission for Fan Created Rick-centric art is…
February 22, 2012/by WLRS Admin

I was an IGE Girl – A Special Memory from JoAnn Camporeale

By now you must know about the Rick Springfield Documentary…
February 11, 2012/by WLRS Admin

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