That girl there she’s mine
like starlight she shines
And right in time she threw me a lifeline
only to save me
She’s my Sunday drive,
yeah I’m glad I’m alive
Just with that look
She opened my book
and she read every line

And that girl makes me crazy
Yeah she burns like the sun
I’m a Johnny-come-lately
Maybe I’d better pinch myself
I think I found the one

She’s clear and she’s bright
She brings blind me to light
There’s no compromise in her flawless eyes
And I think she makes me
Yeah she makes me feel young
She’s on the tip of my tongue
And her moment will come
she’s got me addicted to the
beat of her drum

Yeah that girl makes me crazy
And she brings me undone
I’m a Johnny-come-lately maybe
I’d better pinch myself
And she still can amaze me
When she burns like the sun
I’m a Johnny-come-lately,
Maybe I better pinch myself
I know I’ve found the one

Album Release: February 19, 2016

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