(Rick Springfield, Bob Martlette, Tim Pierce)

Well I miss you yeah, but I don’t really miss your touch
Not too much
Send your love express, but I don’t need it all that much
Not too much
You know it’s true, you know it’s true
I don’t miss your fascinating conversation
And there’s more room in the bed now that you’re gone
Don’t tell me I miss your smile, you know me baby
This is the real deal and you know just what I’ve missed
You get my gist, the thing is this
Baby I miss your kiss (not joking)
The truth is this (you just can’t miss)
I don’t want to be fooling around (miss your kiss)
Baby I miss your kiss (trust me on this)
If I had my wish couldn’t ask for more
Miss Your Kiss
Now when I get home if you still want to talk all night
That’s alright
And I want it known if you just want to turn out the light
I won’t fight
I’ll make love to you, make love to you…if you want to
You know baby anything goes
And I’ll even get you breakfast in your bed
As long as I get my fix
You know it baby, I’m missing the real thing
And you know just what that is
If I resist just slap my wrist
I know what I want, and what I don’t have
What I won’t give for your kiss
Nothing better, nothing better
If you hear me say ‘Yeah yeah’
That’s the way I want it face to face