(Rick Springfield, Bob Martlette, Tim Pierce

Hey little sister, I don’t understand what you did
I’m hot enough to blister,
Maybe this is just some kind of foolish game
My mind is playing
One voice it cries a warning
Half of me’s already there
And half of me ain’t got the stuff
My love, it’s out of control
I tell you because of what she does to my soul
With all these fantasies she’s triggering
Psychoactive, that girl is hypersexual
She knows how to fire my imagination
She’s got to be Psychoactive
The fact is everything’s a fantasy
Makes that offer so attractive, ‘Cause that girl’s so

Hey little sister, I still sleep alone in my bed
What’s wrong with this picture?
Could be this is nothing but my fantasy
Am I crazy? One voice says its trouble
Part of me just wants to run
And part of me just wants to fight
Split decision again in my bed
Another sweet vision coming on in my head
Imagination she’s triggering…