(Rick Springfield, Bob Marlette, Tim Pierce)

(When things get hot) oh my love
(When things get hot) I know you like the heat
(When things get hot) When things get much too much
When things get hot
So tell me why do you always run from me baby
Like you do
‘Cause where there’s smoke there’s fire
I tell you love will never stay
When you’re playing the games you play
Suzanne, I understand maybe you’re scared to see
Just what your life really means to me
Suzanne, What will it take to make you stop giving up on love
When things get hot, Suzanne
(When things get hot)

How my love
(When things get hot) Do you keep your cool?
(When things get hot) Things get too hot to touch
(When things get hot)
So tell me what are you holding out for now

Baby, like you do
I’m walking on that wire
How can I get through,

There must be something more that I can do?
I see the look in your eyes,
I don’t know why you fight it
You work so hard to deny, it’s crazy
Why do you play it safe?
Baby wake up and have some faith
Baby I tell you true all the love will come back to you
Suzanne, this can’t be all there is to this
Suzanne, I’ll give so much to you if you don’t resist