Songs for the End of the World

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Songs for the End of the World was released on October 9, 2012. Four different covers were made available with a couple featuring bonus tracks. Each CD album version featured access to unique digital, cloud based bonus content that could be accessed by scanning an image inside the CD Booklet using a Rick Springfield Interactive App.

Cold War Cover

Made available via DIGITAL DOWNLOAD from iTunes only unless you purchased the European Import.

Tarot Cover

Was exclusive to Best Buy
No longer available.

Additional Details… was selling the TAROT version EXCLUSIVELY. This deluxe version of the latest release from Rick Springfield includes four bonus tracks:

  • “Let Me In”
  • “Jet”
  • “Lust”
  • “Her Body Makes Vows”

Bonus digital content included on this EXCLUSIVE Best Buy version:

  • Bonus video from the studio sessions with Rick discussing the bonus tracks
  • Cover concept with descriptions written by Rick
  • Download of new acoustic version of ‘”Love Screws Me Up”
  • 30 min fan version of “I Hate Myself”

This version is NO LONGER AVAILABLE from Best Buy but may be found from places like eBay. sells the ARMAGEDDON and MAYAN versions ONLY… What version you receive will be RANDOM according to Amazon’s inventory. There is no way to order a specific album cover.

Bonus digital content on the Armageddon version (ordered from Amazon):

  • Video including acoustic performance videos of Wasted & Eleanor Rigby (Zoot Version)
  • Rick  on the cover concept
  • Rick going through old song lyrics
  • Rick showing off his guitars and Titanic memorabilia
  • Time lapse slideshow of the studio sessions
  • Download of new acoustic version of “You & Me”
  • 30 min fan version of “I Hate Myself”

Bonus digital content on the Mayan version (ordered from Amazon):

  • Video of Rick describing the tracks on the album
  • Album cover concept
  • Rick with is personal collection of steam punk ray guns & guitars
  • Special photo gallery from the studio sessions & photo shoots
  • Download of new acoustic version of “Joshua”
  • 30 min fan version of “I Hate Myself”

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The iTunes COLD WAR version includes a bonus track called “The Bug” plus digital content including download access to a 30 min. fan version of “I Hate Myself “and album art via Rick’s Official website.

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ONLY THE INTERNATIONAL VERSION of the COLD WAR cover includes My Dui. You can try getting the international version via NEH Records. Best Buy also lists the import CD as an option but it says that it can take a couple weeks to ship.