Rick’s Top 40

Rick has had 17 Billboard Top 40 Hits .1 NO. 1 HIT  5 TOP 10 HITS  21 SONGS in the Billboard Top 100. The table below shows what these songs are, how they ranked in the Top 100 and when they peaked.

Name of Song Peak # in Top 100 Name of Album Date it reached peak
Jessie’s Girl #1 Working Class Dog August 01, 1981
Don’t Talk To Strangers #2 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet May 22, 1982
Love Somebody #5 Hard to Hold Soundtrack May 05, 1984
I’ve Done Everything For You #8 Working Class Dog November 07, 1981
Affair Of The Heart #9 Living in Oz June 18, 1983
Speak To The Sky #14 Beginnings October 07, 1972
Human Touch #18 Living in Oz September 10, 1983
Bop ‘Til You Drop #20 Hard to Hold Soundtrack October 20, 1984
Love Is Alright Tonite #20 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet February 13, 1982
What Kind Of Fool Am I #21 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet July 03, 1982
State Of the Heart #22 Tao August 17, 1985
Rock Of Life #22 Rock of Life April 02, 1988
Souls #23 Living in Oz December 03, 1983
Don’t Walk Away #26 Hard to Hold Soundtrack July 07, 1984
Celebrate Youth #26 Tao May 18, 1985
Bruce #27 Beautiful Feelings January 12, 1985
I Get Excited #32 Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet October 30, 1982
Take A Hand #41 Wait for Night October 2, 1976
Taxi Dancing #59 Hard to Hold Soundtrack December 8, 1984
What Would The Children Think #70 Beginnings December 9, 1972
American Girls #98 July 13, 1974
Source: Billboard.com

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