Rick Springfield is special guest for Rock Meets Classic Tour 2017

Featuring musical legends: Don Felder (formerly of The Eagles) Steve Lukather (Toto), Rick Springfield (very special guest), Mick Box & Bernie Shaw (Uriah Heep), Bob Catley & Tony Clarkin (Magnum)

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Rock Meets Classic 2017”  is in its 8th year bringing their spectacular concerts to Europe. With 15 shows in Germany and one show in Switzerland, Rock Meets Classic 2017 will – once again – feature the crème de la crème of rock-music.

Rock Meets Classic 2017 is starring music legends such as the 4-times Grammy winner and previous member of the Eagles – Don Felder, who wrote world-hits “Hotel California” or “Take it Easy”, as well as one of the best songwriters of the 80`s, Rick Springfield, who’s considered to be the creator of some of the finest power-pop hits like “Jessies Girl” or “Celebrate Youth”.

Steve Lukather, member of the rock band TOTO, and writer of anthems like “Africa”, “Rosanna”, or “Hold the line” is also going to join the Rock meets Classic family again. The member of the Musicians Hall of Fame and holder of the title ”best guitarists of all times” is sure to be one great addition to this years’ line up.

The lineup also includes two real Power-Duos: Mick Box & Bernie Shaw from Uriah Heep, as well as Bob Catley & Tony Clarkin from Magnum, which perform their timeless songs with distinctive voices and melodic Hard rock.

Tour promoter Manfred Hertlein about the upcoming tour: “Every year we increase our ticket sales but this years’ presale beats all previous records. We want to say thank you to all our fans! It makes us very proud that we’re able to deliver such a high-quality show!”

Rock Meets Classic 2017 turned itself into a brand in the last few years and the next shows can also keep up with the terrific vibe of the past. The legendary cross-over-project combines emotional Classic with world-famous Rock-Songs and turns it into a three-hour program.

This very specific ambiance develops through some extraordinary interpretations of number one hits performed by the Mat Sinner Band under the direction of Mat Sinner and in association with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague.

You can look forward to an international concert-experience with some of the greatest songs of all time.

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Shared live from Berlin, Germany – 4-8-2017 by Rick Springfield on Facebook

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