In light of recent accusations regarding the Still Rockin’ for Ruben T-Shirt campaign…

(1) The shirts were originally created for only two people to wear at their Guitar Tech Experience. It was decided that it would be nice to make shirts for Rick and the band and a few people that we believed were important to Ruben. It was a gesture we hope was taken for what it was – something nice to do with no ulterior motives.

(2) After seeing the band wear the shirts, there was an instant demand from the fans to get them. This led us to ask a few questions:
(a) How will we mass produce the shirts?
(b) How do we pay to make them?
(c) How do we ethically accept money to do so without it appearing that we were in this for profit? (Which we definitely were NOT.)

(3) Mass producing the shirts….We shopped the best deal to pay for the shirts and determined how much it would cost to buy them, get them printed and ship them.

(4) Paying for the shirts & accepting money…. after figuring out the cost to produce, it was decided that a round number to cover those costs with the excess being donated in Ruben’s name was the way to go. When it became apparent there were behind the scenes contention and alleged family disputes, we as a group decided that it was (A) NOT ANY OF OUR BUSINESS to get involved in ANYTHING pertaining to Ruben’s PERSONAL BUSINESS. We would NOT be the ones to decide where and how the money would be spent. Our efforts had TWO GOALS – Meet the demand for shirts by the fans and Honor Ruben’s Memory by donating any remaining funds. (B) We followed Team RS’ lead on where the money would be donated which was to the Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary which was facilitating all of the OFFICIAL fundraising efforts. The Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary supplied limited number of lanyards and guitar picks that were shared at Ruben’s funeral. These items were distributed to the people who purchased shirts in the order they were purchased while supplies lasted. After shirts were paid for and shipping was completed, the remaining money – about $1000 was donated to the Fur & Animal Sanctuary.

The Still Rockin’ for Ruben fundraising efforts taken by the Rick and the NEWSflash Group and We Love Rick Springfield were fully supported by Rick Springfield, the band and personal friends of Ruben’s. Prizes for the fundraiser were donated and shipped by admins of the RATNF Group and WLRS. THE PERSONAL EXPENSE TO DO SO WAS SIGNIFICANT. To suggest that there were nefarious intentions by anyone involved with RATNF and WLRS is insulting, inaccurate, morally repugnant and will be met with an empathic and strong response.

Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary

Ruben’s beloved cats were named GOO, BOO & MEW… this pretty girl just came to the Sanctuary and she was named ROO. 🙂

Check Out One of Ruben’s Favorite Cats: The Godfather

What is “Ruben’s Legacy Fund”?

Money currently being raised (Still Rockin’ for Ruben t-shirt drive, for example) in honor of Ruben will benefit Ruben’s favorite charity Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary. During the summer of 2016, Rick Springfield is giving fans the chance to be an Honorary Guitar Technician at one of his shows. Money raised from that will go towards helping equip theFur & Feather Animal Sanctuary with a gently used RV (the Ruben Velasco, get it?) that will be wrapped and have art of his 3 kitties and other Sanctuary animals – This will be an adoption/emergency evacuation/education vehicle in Ruben’s name – TheFur & Feather Animal Sanctuary will also be creating a program as we will keep Ruben alive doing the good work for his FAVORITE animals KITTIES! Finally, the Velasco family had asked for people to continue to donate to the fundraiser in his memory for the Sanctuary.

For more info aboutFur & Feather Animal Sanctuary, please visit: