Rick Springfield as Lucifer on the CW’s Supernatural

At the beginning of Season 12 (October 2016), Rick Springfield temporarily took on the role of Lucifer on the CW’s Supernatural. Guest starring in three episodes, Rick’s introduction to the show was memorable, tragic and down right scary! Check out the Special FX used to transform Rick’s face in a pivotal scene where acid is thrown on to Lucifer’s “Vessel” – Vince Vincente. Being the devil has its perks, we suppose, because Vince’s deformity was only temporary. Check out the official trailer for the Supernatural episode (Season 12, Episode 2) “Mamma Mia” below.

Rick’s scenes as “Lucifer” were posted on YouTube but it looks like the CW has made them remove the clips. Three episodes guest starring Rick are available for purchase from the CW on YouTube and the episodes have been linked to below. Enjoy!

Lost Video featuring Vince Vincente singing Bloody Messiah

as performed by Rick Springfield

Official Supernatural Season 12 Promo

Rick Springfield guest stars as Lucifer

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