Rick Springfield Merchandise

Whenever I go to a gig, whether it’s one of Rick’s or otherwise, I’ll spend far more than I should on things to remember the event.

More often that not that will stretch at least to a souvenir program event book and a T-Shirt (there’s a song about that, you know). Add to that the obligatory refreshments and I often spend a small fortune – not to mention the cost of the ticket (ideally with meet and greet!)

At least it’s good to know that Rick’s generous with the money he earns on tour…

If you are a … See more... “Rick Springfield Merchandise”

Rick Springfield And Richard Marx Tour

Early 2017 showed just how popular the Rick and Richard collaboration can be, when they hit the road with their acoustic sets.

Playing their own show with a little collaborative action thrown in too, the events called in at Virginia, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Ohio and Michigan.

If you’re in the market for a new concert experience, you should consider the Rick Springfield and Richard Marx tour. This duo has many shows across the U.S. and Canada, so if you’re interested in seeing them in concert, you’ll want to purchase your tickets as soon as possible. You can find all the … See more... “Rick Springfield And Richard Marx Tour”

The Rick Springfield Accent: American Or Australian?

Many people consider Rick to be an American, and he’s fooled many a fan with his accent. To the majority of us he sounds American, but consult with your Springfield trivia and you’ll soon discover his Australian roots.

He was born in Sydney on the south east coast of Australia in August 1949. Interestingly, back in those days he wasn’t Rick Springfield at all – his birth name was Richard Springthorpe, or to be precise Richard Lewis Springthorpe.

Son to Eileen and Norman Springthorpe, he didn’t use the stage surname Springfield until his professional career began. The name change also … See more... “The Rick Springfield Accent: American Or Australian?”

The T-Shirt Song Rick Springfield

If you’re one of Rick’s many adoring fan’s you’ll likely have seen this amazing (if a little cheeky) teaser on his YouTube channel:

Well, some people have mentioned that they’ve not seen the live performance, which has been posted online by bcuzikn on YouTube:

The Fountains of Wayne meet Rick Springfield, probably one of the more surreal creations but of all the possible artistic creations that might come from a comedy T-shirt slogan, it’s worth a watch.… See more... “The T-Shirt Song Rick Springfield”

Meet & Greet

Meet and greet tickets are some of the most sought after experiences for any music fan, but none less that those of Rick Springfield.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend a Rick Springfield meet and greet, you’ll get to meet the legendary singer in person. The event offers fans the opportunity to say hello to Rick, get an autograph and take a picture. Be sure to book your tickets early to avoid missing out on this unique opportunity.

Tickets to a Rick Springfield show can cost you anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the location. … See more... “Meet & Greet”

Rick Springfield’s Concert History

Rick’s back catalogue of work is impressive, and he’s got a gigography to match.

One of the best things about Rick Springfield’s Concert History is his lengthy setlist. He has a much longer set list than other big-name rock stars. This concert also included new songs from his upcoming album. This new material is considered “soft” by the record industry, which means it will not receive much advertising budget and might therefore not make the top 40 charts. But that doesn’t mean that the audience doesn’t appreciate the show.

The band has played nearly every major arena and stadium in … See more... “Rick Springfield’s Concert History”

Rick Springfield Tour 2022

The world is open again, and Rick’s preparing to take to the stage once more! The 2022 Rick Springfield tour this year promises to be one of the best yet.

Rick Springfield has announced an 18-date summer tour with special guests Men At Work (love them) and John Waite. The tour will be hitting cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the tour. You can buy tickets, see the concert schedule, and stay up to date with new tour announcements. You can also sign up to receive concert alerts … See more... “Rick Springfield Tour 2022”

Rick Springfield – The Man Behind “The Incredible Hulk”

As one of the most popular superheroes in history, “The Incredible Hulk” is a cult classic that has inspired fans for decades. In the 1970s, Springfield first gained prominence in comic books as a young boy and continued to act as a super-hero on television. But before he became the legendary Hulk, Springfield had other big-screen successes. During his time as an actor, Springfield appeared in several films, including the acclaimed 1976 film The Great Red Dragon.

Initially, Springfield’s career was primarily defined by his teen idol image and he worked to shed his cartoon and teen idol persona. He … See more... “Rick Springfield – The Man Behind “The Incredible Hulk””

Why Should You Book A Rick Springfield Cruise?

If you’re considering a Rick Springfield cruise, the chances are you have many questions. First, what should you expect from the tour? And what should you expect from Springfield, his family, and his band?

In addition to his musical talents, Springfield’s tour also has a strong environmental message. The tour is set to take place in a ship named for Springfield’s grandmother, which reflects his commitment to environmental conservation.

Rick Springfield is a true rock legend. Even if he hasn’t made a hit since Reagan was president, his fans follow his concerts and pay big money to … See more... “Why Should You Book A Rick Springfield Cruise?”

Rick Springfield – Actor and Musician

Rick Springfield is an Australian-American actor and musician. His career spans multiple genres, including comedy, music, and drama. Despite his many accomplishments, Springfield still remains a mystery. What exactly is his connection to Hollywood? What is his role in the movie “Crash”? Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of his most notable roles.

Before launching his acting career, Rick Springfield had a successful career as a musician, not least as part of his eponymous band. He also made guest appearances on popular television shows, including a role on Wonder Woman. In addition, he appeared in small … See more... “Rick Springfield – Actor and Musician”