Liam Springthorpe

Rick Springfield’s son, Liam Springthorpe, is an actor, probably best known for his work including Bill Shakespeare in Hollywood and Grace.

He inherited the entertainment gene from his father Rick and mother Barbara Porter, who have been married since 1984 after the pair met while she worked at a recording studio used by his band.

Many people have questioned why the father and son have different surnames – the answer is they don’t! Rick’s real name is Richard Lewis Springthorpe, and uses the name Rick Springfield professionally to separate his performing persona with that in real life.

It’s a technique many celebrities have used over the years as an attempt to keep the on and off stage characters separate.

Not a huge amount is known about Liam’s life – perhaps due to a slightly secretive nature resulting in a private person. One of the more public outings with his father came as he cameo’d in General Hospital, where Liam starred as an undercover police officer in the same episode as his dad’s character Dr Noah.

It would, of course, be great to see more of Liam’s work in the future, perhaps turning his hand to the musical creativity that made his father so successful alongside acting.