Rick Springfield Merchandise

Whenever I go to a gig, whether it’s one of Rick’s or otherwise, I’ll spend far more than I should on things to remember the event.

More often that not that will stretch at least to a souvenir program event book and a T-Shirt (there’s a song about that, you know). Add to that the obligatory refreshments and I often spend a small fortune – not to mention the cost of the ticket (ideally with meet and greet!)

At least it’s good to know that Rick’s generous with the money he earns on tour…

If you are a fan of the legendary musician, you might be interested in a few pieces of Rick Springfield merchandise. While they aren’t available for sale in stores, you can find them online and at official sites. You’ll also find exclusive limited edition items, like Rick bobbleheads, that are sold out in the store very fast.

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